Comparing Movies And Live Theater

There is always a debate going on between lovers of movies and live theater on the topic whether movies are better than live theater. Well everybody has his own views and reasons to support them about whether movies or live theatre is better.

While comparing movies and live theater, some people find live theater performances to be obsolete and surpassed by the technological capabilities of film. Whereas others are of the opinion that films are too often a sell-out, hocking just the repeated stories and containing substandard plots and writing through unnecessary special effects and attention-grabber to draw a crowd. Still, it is true that whether there is live theatre or movies, both the art forms possess the credibility to achieve great degree of quality and to affect the viewers on an intensely personal level, although using different methods.

The major difference between movies and live theater performances is that usually live theater has a kind of atmosphere during each performance that is impossible to replicate whereas as far as films are concerned, in many ways, is considered to be a safer medium. The performances in a film are recorded and a single line or scene can be easily filmed ten or fifteen times till it comes out to be satisfactory.

Another important fact about movies and live theater is that films have got advantages over live theater in terms of technological advancements. Since viewers are required e to suspend their disbelief less in film, they can more easily become absorbed in the world on screen. Apart from this, some of the styles of shooting and even individual film shots can also be used to create a more intimate environment and put the audience right in the action.

When comparing movies and live theater, you would also come to know that there are some of the disadvantages of the live theater in terms of that stage can be disastrous, however can also be freeing. Many times, the movies with bad story and badly composed scripts are generally excused by great special effects; whereas acted plays almost never get a due positive review as based on production value.